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Common Types of Printer and Its Functions

Printers are very common device used by all and sundry. Not any single individual can denying the importance of printers for the success in their life. It is because from homework assignments to professional documentation, everything is managed using the printers.

Various types of printers are available in the market. However, the Xerox Dubai printers are considered highly useful in terms of the quality of prints and price.

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Considerations while buying a monochrome printer for your home

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Printers are the need of the business and home working environment because they ease out the overall work. The home working environment is way more different than office environment because the workload is going to be more in office. Thus printer requirement will be different in both scenarios.

Most people say that it’s just some prints taken which are different from home. But in the most general environment, the workplace is in need of a lot of various functions like copier, scanner and others. Plus most of the printers in the offices require color well as a monochrome printer.

So what is a monochrome printer?

It is a fancy word for a black and white printer using the ink only in black color. The outcome is text and graphics in black and white color. These are the most time and cost-efficient printers.

Many companies are manufacturing this type of printers, but the Xerox UAE vendors are premier in the quality of monochrome printers. It is suitable for all kinds of environment because of it being a fast-paced and low cost.

Consideration for buying a printer:

There are several considerations for purchasing a printer for your home setting, and this article has discussed a few of them.

1.      Know the requirement:

It is the primary thing to consider like why exactly you need a printer. Like do you need a printer for your children’ school project or your home based business? How often do you print and what kind of prints do you take? It all depends on your need to make the most out of the printer.

2.      Budget:

You might want to buy a bigger printer but based on your requirement you might want to consider the budget of your business. Like if you need a small printer, then it is essential to buy the one who falls in your business.

Also, because it is a home setting, thus you might not need a multifunctional printer. The reason is that multifunctional printers will cost you more money and space. There is no use in spending the amount if you cannot utilize efficiently.

3.      The speed of the printer:

If your children need the printer a lot of images now and then you need to consider the model and speed of the printers. Some printers are efficient for large photos as compared to others. If you specifically look for this feature, then it will help you jot down the printer faster which will also meet your need.

However, some printers have the pages per minute criteria indicating the speed and efficiency of the printer.

Final thoughts:

Printers are required at every walk of life so deciding on what should you look for a printer can be frustrating. The reason is that there are so many types and models of the printers available based on the brand and feature that too many options can lead to confusion. Read more

If you are looking for a high-quality monochrome printer, the Xerox UAE, HP or some other famous brands should be considered a must. It is because these are the well-known printer companies with proven success record across the world.

The considerations in this article will assist in deciding the printer is meeting your choice. Consider them, and you have the printer you need!

Ink-Jet Printer vs. Laser Printer

Ink-Jet Printer vs. Laser Printer - Epson UAE

A printer is a useful machine giving the people facility to take essential documents in hardcopy. Although it seems easy to buy and use the printer, but in fact, it is the most confusing activity as reported by many people. The reason is that people don’t have adequate knowledge, and a cursory survey of the market leaves them in the larch of if’s and but’s.

Not only this, varying prices of the printers owing to their type and quality make the decision more complicated. People usually buy printers by comparing the price with the quality in order to make a reasonable choice.

Last but not least, never forget to consider the brand. It is owing to the reason that many names can make you confuse even more. However, Epson UAE printers are widely popular for the quality of printing with affordability.

So, don’t get confused about different voices calling ink-jet or laser. You just need to analyze all available options based on the given comparison to select the most appropriate printer for your use.

Ultimate Guide for 3D Printing Beginners

The invention and evolution of printing devices have taken the world into the storm of innovation. It is possible to print anything which was considered impossible in the past.

Technology has made rapid transformations in every walk of life. The industry of printing has been influenced by this transformation resulted in 3D Printing.

Ultimate Guide for 3D Printing Beginners - Xerox Printers

Industrialists, manufacturers, and professionals all are actively implementing 3D technology to get better results in their respective fields. It has triggered a rude awakening among printers manufacturing companies creating a severe competition in the marketplace.

However, Xerox printers are famous in the local and global market owing to their high-quality printing. Therefore, investing in 3D technology is a profit driving decision as prototyping is expected to go the next level of technology in the future.

It is the reason that many enterprises are pursuing in 3D printing in order to get ultimate benefits of improved product development.

What Are The Features You Should Be Looking When Buying A Printer?

From printing out relevant documents, pictures for your child’s school project, or even getting a colored hard copy of some of your memories from the last vacation, printer is your gateway. You can print almost anything if you have a printer at home on just one go.

Home printers have become a thing, and every other home in UAE has a printer to meet their needs. If you fall in the category of pick the odd ones out and would want to buy one printer, then this article will provide you information on what kind of information you should look for in a printer.

For example, if someone has told you that Epson UAE can be a good option, but you do not know what other things you should consider then read this article till the end for the related info.

Before moving forward on features, let me tell you the basics. So there are two different types of printers which are inkjet and laser printers.

Inkjet printers use ink for the printing whereas laser printers use toners to formulate an image. Both of these printers have pros and cons. Inkjet printers are suitable for printing photos and use less power. The laser printers are fast and come handy when printing a substantial amount.

Features You Should Be Looking When Buying A Printer - Epson UAE

Now let’s discuss some of the essential features a printer must of efficient in:

Paper Handling

Generally, a regular printer should be able to handle at least 100 papers in the tray. But if your work is more than that and you cannot refill the trays, then you should look for a printer which has multiple trays. It will reduce the timing of refilling and also make the procedure fast.

If you do not have a lot of printing work then sticking to the one-tray printer would be great.


Old were the days when the cable was connected to print out the stuff. WIFI is everywhere then why not in the printer.

It is handy when there are multiple pieces used for printing purposes. When WIFI enabled printers are connected, then you do not have to wait for your turn just because someone has connected the cable. Also, you might be able to take the printouts from your mobile phones as well.

If you are buying a printer for your home make sure your printer has WIFI feature.


Not only you would want to save the time, but your printer should also be able to save the pages. A friend of mine who has been using the printer at home for a while referred me to Epson UAE because it has all the latest variety.

I have suggested a duplex printer for the home purpose because it prints on both sides of the paper which not only saves the time but also cost of the paper.

Touch Screen

Why go for something manual when you can always opt for the touchscreen. Since the time touchscreen smartphones have been launched in the market, I feel like I cannot use otherwise.

It is hard so given the option of having touch screen printers it is in fact practical and would save from hassle of manually navigating the printers.


If your printer has all the qualities mentioned above but has slow speed, it can freak you out. The speed of the printer is an essential element, or I would say deciding factor in printing any material.

On a shopping spree, you should ask for the speed of the printer, and they would let you know that speed of your selected printer. For example, they will tell how many pages per minute (PPM) your printer can print out. The higher the PPM value, the faster your printer is.

If your printer has the photo printer options such as Epson available in UAE as well, then check for image printing speed as well such as how many images can be printed in one minute.

Final Words

Printer can be an essential device for the daily use, and if you can merge the trendiness with the functionality, then it can be really valuable. The more mindful you are before buying, the more useful it will turn out later.

5 Easy Solutions To Common Printing Problems

Printing devices continue to dominate the office sphere, despite the increasing digitalization of our documents and resources.

These devices play a huge role in how efficiently modern offices function, and sometimes, they become the sole reasons why workplace productivity is adversely affected.

In most cases, the issue is something as seemingly insignificant as the toner running out of ink, but when this problem becomes a regular occurrence, it can be extremely frustrating. Luckily, the fix for these common problems is usually fairly simple, and you can get the machine running again in a matter of minutes.

If, however, you find that no amount of troubleshooting seems to fix the issue, it might just be time to invest in one of the powerful MFPs manufactured by Sharp Printers in UAE.

These all-action machines will take over all your printing, copying, scanning, and fax needs, and they’ll help you significantly increase productivity around the office. After a couple of weeks of use, you’ll also find that you’re spending a lot less money on paper sheets and ink cartridges, both of which play a big part in determining your office’s operational expenses.

Sharp Printers in UAE.


Documents are the lifeline of all businesses, the fuel in the engine running on business growth. Even the completely digitalized businesses are not spared from the curse and gift of documentation!

Record-keeping and managing documents have been an exhausting part of any business organization from as far back as discovered. It’s a time-consuming and expensive process that requires a lot of resources and workforce. The manual printing out and filing process of document-management takes up time, space, and effort. The retrieval process is even more arduous.

Businesses spend an extensive amount of time and a lot of workforce into filing and managing documents. Out of every 10 million generated in revenue, about 1 million go towards document management. Additionally, almost 40-60% of the total issues forwarded to IT support department are print-related.

Xerox Abu Dhabi

Well, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that grim. After a quick assessment of your print environment, you can create smarter solutions to make most out of your print resources.

Studying the print giants like Xerox in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we have come up with 5 hacks to help you manage your document workflow better:


Majority of the document processes and print jobs constitute of repetitive tasks like saving files to the right folders, processing claims, and filing invoices. Most of these processes are usually done manually by employees. But developing an understanding of the workflow required, you can automate the process through an app integrated into your multi-function printers.

By simply setting up an app on your MFPs, you can route documents to the repositories and folders designated through the automated preset digital workflow. This way you can turn a wearisome multi-step job into a smart single-step one.

Living In The Clouds

The invention of web repositories and clouds has truly been one of the greatest by humankind. Move all your bulky, graphic heavy files to cloud today for a simpler process.

Traditionally large files are shared with each other through email attachments. The attachment is then downloaded and sent for print. By switching to cloud and setting up your MFP to seamlessly connect with it, you can print or scan documents directly from the repository.

Troubleshoot In Isolation

Like we stated above, 40-60% of the issues forwarded to IT help desk are print-related issues. Now how inconvenient it is for you to shuffle across the office to troubleshoot basic issues?

The MFPs today are designed smartly, maybe keeping just that in mind. These MFPs allow you to setup remote admin interface that authorize you to access and interact with the MFP and its settings to troubleshoot remotely. This enables the IT to focus their energies on system security rather than moving from table to table to fix printers.

Pro-action Instead Of Reaction

In most businesses a budget is formed monthly or bimonthly to purchase the resources. The task is assigned to a team to manually inspect the office and list things you’re running low on, then visit the market and buy the listed things.

Isn’t that time consuming? We offer a better solution. Set up your MFPs to automatically notify you through email alert when they’re running low on cartridges, ink, or toner. That enables you to save time and buy the supplies yourself only when they’re needed.

Color Printing Restrictions

Everybody knows that color printing is more expensive than monochrome. That’s no surprise. But do you know that you can restrict the use of color printing on your MFP by using permissions and controls settings.

The feature allows you to restrict the print color through the time of the day, document type, certain users or the department they work in. This ensures that color printing is allowed and accessible when the need arises but nobody can exploit the inks for personal usage.

Be Clever, Stay Ahead

Reading the article you must’ve realized that none of the hacks mentioned above require any additional costs or resources. You can utilize everything you already have to multiply your workforce efficiency exponentially without spending a penny.

The idea is to smartly play around the settings and control panels to figure out cleverer ways to get the job done quicker.

Make sure that the multi-function printer your business owns is of a reliable brand and offers nice features. It is better to make a smart decision by not risking your investment. Remember to visit reliable suppliers and brand outlets like Xerox Abu Dhabi before finalizing the purchase.

5 Great Reasons To Buy A Multi-Function Printer!

sharp printers UAE

In the past few years, multi-function printers have become an incredibly common sight around the office, as business work towards reducing their overall paper usage and increasing productivity.

MFPs, such as the ones manufactured by Sharp Printers in UAE, offer supreme functionality for users and they’re one of the best investments you can make for your business.

While the initial cost of these devices might be higher than a standard printing machine, the ability to scan, copy, and fax in addition is far too good to give up on.

Get an MFP for your office today, and watch as your employees’ productivity shoots up and the operational costs go down.

What Printing Solution Is Needed, Decide Quickly

The business needs is compatible with the right selection of the tool. The tool can reinforce better integration of the variables. Poor quality choices can thwart the overall efficiency of the business operations. No one would want this.

Epson UAE provides the features that can enhance the quality of different types of business operations. You can have the best available printers available in different ranges. Have your pick that provides the meaning to your overall competency of the business operation. The right selection will offer better management and allow the procedures to be implemented with due diligence.


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